Career in Finland

Finland has job opportunities and special immigration programs for IT and TECH professionals from around the world. Seize the opportunity, and advance your career in one of the world’s most innovative countries.


ICT DIRECT matches careers with talent

The Finnish tech industry has an impressive track record, yet, many tech companies are left battling with a huge shortage of specialists and experts. That is why we founded ICT DIRECT, the first and the only recruitment agency specialising in IT & Tech in Finland.

Our target is to be a trustworthy, professional partner, who truly understands clients’ needs and requirements. Recently, we have also partnered up with Business Finland to offer sustainable possibilities for immigrating and creating a career in Finland.

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Life in Finland

The happiest country in the world – Finland is also known for its great work-life balance. All major cities offer great public transportation, access to nature and a healthcare system that is accessible to everyone. If you have children, they can enjoy world-class education in our safe society.

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