IT experts from the international labor market to Scandinavia

International sourcing eases Scandinavia’s shortage in IT skills. India, in particular, is a source country because it has the world’s largest IT talent market. It is estimated that there are more than 5 million programmers alone in the country. According to the Boston Consulting Group Global Survey, more than 90% of Indians would like to work abroad.

We set up our own Mumbai office in India and hired experienced IT recruiters to pick up the most ideally suited IT experts for our customer companies in Northern Europe.

The turnkey solution minimizes your workload and risk

When you cannot find competent IT staff from Scandinavia to meet your needs, you can use our turnkey International sourcing service to get the best possible experts from the international labor market. Your only task is to participate in the final selection of recruited employees, while our service covers the whole process:

Thorough understanding of the customer’s business and staffing needs – We study the company’s strategic goals, growth plans, corporate culture, and technical skills requirements of the staff to be employed.

Development of a collaborative IT acquisition plan – The plan includes utilization of the international labor market.

Find best people in India – Our local, experienced IT recruiter knows the Indian recruitment market and finds the best experts. Use of Indian recruitment portals, databases, such as Naukri, and communities, such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Social Media, is central. We also use our proven executive search methodology in India.

Testing candidates – We monitor candidates to eliminate scams when they perform technical as well as aptitude tests in our Mumbai office.

Background checks – Taking a foreign expert to Northern Europe is a big decision. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, we perform thorough background checks on people recruited into Scandinavia. Contacting the candidate’s place of study and previous employers and ensuring the authenticity of written documents is routinely included in the rules for the international labor market.

To start work in the Nordic region – to ensure that the work begins and is adapted to the Nordic community, we take care of your employee’s residence permit, visa, tax card, bank account and other paperwork for you, as well as renting an apartment for your employee.

Thanks to the personal IT background of our key people, we understand the impact of digitization on employee acquisition. Our experience with the acquisition of IT staff gives us the readiness to act as a strategic partner for your company. We help you develop a competitive edge. We help your business grow by searching and retrieving competent IT staff where they are available.

Experts from the international market work in your company either on salary with you, or as consultants with ICT Direct as the employer. Since your recruitment market is not limited to Scandinavia, you will receive the best experts in your industry and you will be able to plan for your future.

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