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The demand for experienced software professionals in the Nordic countries is much greater than the supply. The problem can be solved by looking at the global talent market. Many companies certainly already receive applications and offers from abroad, but instead of random luck, it is better to turn to a professional in international resourcing to avoid problems.

In the global talent market, Finnish companies compete for the best talent with world-class companies, so completely new resources and know-how are needed.

How to take advantage of the international IT talent market?

  • We offer your company versatile opportunities to utilize world-class software experts. In the international talent market, we are supported by our own office in India, which finds the best talent for the job through a direct search, from which you choose the most suitable one.
  • A new employee can be hired directly by the company or through outsourcing. The employment can be concluded later. You are free to choose the model that best suits your company!
  • If software development work can be done remotely in the company, the fastest and most cost-effective solution for hiring a world-class professional or an entire team is to have the top experts work at our office in India as part of your organization.

All experts resourced through us undergo a thorough background check.

How does a talent get to Finland?

If the talent comes to work for your company in the Nordics, we will help with the practical arrangements related to the employment contract and relocation, if necessary. You save time and can safely recruit from abroad. Talents recruited to Finland through us can get to Finland on the fast track, in which case the residence permit processing time is a maximum of 14 days. Business Finland supports the recruitment of top talent from abroad: you can find plenty of additional information on the Talent Boost project’s website.

Take the opportunity

The world is turning into one big talent market. The best software experts can already choose their workplace and location freely. With the help of our services, you can build growth in your company’s digital future safely, with guaranteed expertise.

Leave a message, and we will contact you and together we will find a suitable solution for your company!

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