Identifying and attracting the best candidates by executive search methodology

Executive search helps to identify and proactively target individuals with scarce talent, such as upper management or highly skilled professionals. It can also be utilized when you don’t want to advertise your open position. Executive Search is sometimes referred to as search and selection or headhunting.

The vast majority of people in any organisation need to be pro-actively approached with job opportunities. According to a LinkedIn survey, 64% of employees do not pay attention to job advertising. However, 90% of those who took the survey admitted to being willing to discuss new employment opportunities with a recruiter. Headhunting is therefore an effective mean of recruiting top professionals.

Identifying and attracting talent requires time and resources, especially when it comes IT professionals with niche skill sets. Our innovative executive search process uses tools that best support finding highly skilled experts in the IT industry. We work closely with our customers throughout the process to ensure that we deliver the very best candidates with the strongest technical and cultural fit.

We combine deep industry and functional knowledge with a proven executive search process to help you find professionals, who best fit your organization’s unique needs.

Our executive search process consists of the following steps:

  • Understanding the customer’s needs: learning about the company and future business targets
  • Creating a research plan
  • Creating a list (so-called long list) of potential candidates
  • Screening the candidates by telephone
  • Interviews with selected candidates
  • Obtaining and checking the candidates’ references
  • Writing a comprehensive candidate profile
  • Creating a list (so-called shortlist) and presenting candidates to the customer
  • Coordinating interview arrangements between client & candidate
  • Follow-up

Our executive search process is optimised for recruiting leaders, sales people and highly skilled professionals.

Our predominance in IT headhunting is based on:

IT industry knowhow – Our experience and up-to-date knowledge of the trends in the industry help us to identify challenges and opportunities in IT recruiting.

We invest significant time in getting to understand customer’s strategy, company culture, business targets and technical requirements – Ensuring we fully understand your needs.

We know our candidates – Being IT experts ourselves, we speak the language of IT professionals.

Relevant evaluation methods – We have a range of proprietary tools and techniques to conduct a rigorous assessment of candidates’ skills and cultural fit.

Network – We have created a broad network of partners within IT and HR industries.

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