Why move to work in Finland?

19.05.2021 | Mari Varpenius

The CEO of ICT DIRECT India, Venkat Rajan, held a speech in GIDS Live 2021, where he told reasons why you should move to work in Finland from India. GIDS Live 2021 is technical talk event featuring the possibility to connect job opportunities with the right professionals. Event is streamed in Asia-Pacific region.

In the event Venkat tells about the best parts in Finland and reasons why you should move to work in Finland. He also provides insights into the technology cooperation historically between Finland and India.

See his speech from the video below.

ICT DIRECT India is a subsdiary of ICT DIRECT Finland. The reason for international cooperating is to bring Indian IT-talents to work in Finland. The recruiting process is based on AI-boosted service tool, where candidates particitipate in coding skill tests based on the applied position. This way we confirm that we connect the right candidates with the right job opportunities. Read more about evalutianing of IT skills in recruiting process in here.

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