How does recruitment look in IT sector in 2021?

12.01.2021 | Ilpo Järvenpää

In 2020, the whole world found itself in a new situation that required adaptation and new ways of working. As people in IT sectors moved from offices to remote work, organizations needed to focus on virtual working practices, digital and virtual tools, and remote communication more than ever before. This shift also shaped recruitment: emphasized the importance of video interviews, virtual recruitment channels, and the virtual transmission of the employer image. What does the year 2021 look like when it comes to recruiting in IT sectors?

We take a closer look at the recruitment trends of 2021, from international sources, focusing primarily on the following themes we interpret:

  • Remote work
  • Digitalisation
  • People-centricity 

Which recruitment trends will emerge in practice in 2021 in terms of remote work, digitalization, and people-centricity, and what do they look like from an IT perspective?

Remote working is here to stay

In the ever-internationalising world, remote working has for some time been a part of the practises of companies operating in the IT sector, but with the global pandemic, the whole world instantly switched to the remote working model as much as possible.

In 2021, all companies will already have more experience of remote work than before, so in addition to learning about remote work itself, there will be an opportunity to focus on developing remote working-related practices to suit their own needs.

In terms of recruitment, the effects of remote working are particularly pronounced in an interview situation, when instead of a traditional face-to-face meeting, the discussion takes place via video. In 2020, video interviews were practised, so in 2021 they will certainly be much more natural and successful than before. Remote working and the use of video interviews when recruiting also contribute to the increasing internationalisation of recruitment.

How is remote recruitment implemented in your company?

Digitalisation is growing more and more

During 2020, a substantial worldwide leap was taken into remote working, and also leaps in terms of the new digital tools were needed for working remotely. According to various sources, digitalization in 2021 will highlight the roles of virtual interviews, social media, mobile devices, artificial intelligence, and analytics in implementing, developing, and enhancing recruitment.

In the IT field, various technological tools have been in everyday use for years, but as the role of digitalization grows and technology advances, the number of options to choose from increases even more. The key is to find the most suitable tools for your needs and how to apply them. Agile recruitment processes make work easier and attract and appeal to potential applicants who are familiar with the intricacies of various technologies, especially in the IT sectors.

Which digital tools best suit your recruitment needs?

The importance of people-centric values is emphasised 

People focused recruitment trends in 2021 are very defining. The focus is on, among other things, a positive candidate experience, diversity, and a combination of hard and soft skills.  

Applicant experience and employer image go hand in hand. In other words, to attract the best candidates, it is worthwhile to invest throughout the recruitment process – and then continue to maintain a positive employee experience. Satisfied applicants and employees are happy to share their positive experiences with other potential future applicants and employees.  

Diversity increases equality, creativity, and efficiency. Besides, in the IT sector, the importance of soft skills is an excellent quality to be emphasized so that the hard and technical skills do not overshadow them. Both skills have their purposes and functions, and at best, they complement each other seamlessly.

How does people-centricity present itself in your company and your IT recruitment? 

What will change in 2021? 

The direction of future recruitment is moving towards more remote working, digitalization, and people centricity. What this means in practice depends very much on what you want your company recruitment to look like – the possibilities are almost endless!

In 2021, instead of conforming to the new situation, many companies will focus on further developing their recruitment processes, operating models, and business, as they already have remote working experience. Digitalization offers more agile and efficient recruitment options, of which companies can choose the solutions that fit their needs the best. By ensuring people-centric values, you also ensure that potential applicants and good employees keep their interest in your company in the future.

What are your company’s recruitment goals for 2021? Contact us , and we will help you find the most suitable solutions for you! 


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