A meeting with Business Finland in Japan

17.06.2019 | Kristo Enqvist

We had a nice meeting in Tokyo with Business Finland, at the Embassy of Finland, where Business Finland in Japan is located. I was there looking for possibilities to expand our International talent service to the Japanese market, where there is also high demand for skilled people in the ICT field, software developers and many others.

During the meeting I gained a lot of knowledge and got a confirmation for our original idea that we should look at possibilities to get into the Japanese market too.

Business Finland’s Country Manager of Japan Pekka Laitinen gave a lot information regarding Business Finland’s plans in Japan, but also information regarding plans that Japan has for solving the problem, that comes with people getting older and what happens, when new technologies give new demands to companies by digitalization.

I also learned that in Japan start-ups are booming, even though traditionally big companies have been those were people like to work at. That opens also new doors to go to the market, as start-ups are more likely open for international talents too. They understand that skills matters, not from where you are from.

So there is in general the same issue everywhere, not enough skilled people.

We do have a solution for that, so if you need some more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Kristo Enqvist
Customer Success Lead