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Are you recruiting ICT professionals?

ICT DIRECT Finland Oy can help you to find the best ones

Our recruitment consultants have decades of experience in the recruitment of ICT professionals, managers and sales personnel. At ICT DIRECT Finland Oy, we are familiar with the challenges of finding ICT professionals and know from experience how the best of them are selected.

We find the best possible candidates primarily by modern executive search methods. We use headhunting as a basis for the process and, if necessary complement it by more traditional recruitment methods. We call this type of service recruitment services.

At ICT DIRECT our processes have been developed in such a way that the best possible candidates can be found in a cost-effective manner. We have improved our recruitment and headhunting methods since 2013 to cater specifically for the recruitment conditions of Finland and other Nordic countries.

As your ambassador in the marketplace, we treat all potential candidates with respect and integrity, safeguarding your reputation. For us, it is essential that the candidates have the best possible candidate experience.

If your company has a permanent need for external recruitment services, we are happy to be your recruitment partner on a long-term basis. We can manage all your organisation’s recruitment functions, or provide additional resources when appropriate.

Our strengths are:

IT industry know-how – Our experience and up-to-date knowledge of the trends in the industry help us identify challenges and opportunities in IT recruiting.

We invest significant time in getting to understand – your strategy, company culture and business targets.

We know our candidates – Being IT experts ourselves, we get on well with other IT professionals.

Relevant evaluation methods – We have a range of tools and proprietary techniques to conduct a rigorous assessment of candidates’ skills and cultural fit.

Network – We have created a broad network of partners within IT and HR industries.

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