Full-stack developer

Helsinki 08.10.2019

Interested to work in a flexible and relaxed company? We are currently looking for:

A laid-back full-stack developer


· Around 5 years of working experience.

· You know some backend language and cloud environments. (e.g Java, Node.js, AWS)

· You know frontend development and have the ability to build something new from scratch. (eg. Javascript, React, Angular, CSS)

· You have delivered code to applications and systems that are in real use.

· Ability to work independently or part of the team, also as a consultant around the capital area Helsinki.

· An entrepreneur’s mindset striving to learn new things.

What we offer

· A workplace with a small team of five friends.

· Laid-back management and flexible working locations.

· Lunch, recreational benefits and paid phone/internet contract. We’ll let you know more when we meet!

· Possibility to innovate and build something new. You get a say over how and with what technology stack we create things.

· A relaxed viewpoint on things. Didn’t get a 100% on the requirements? No worries, don’t hesitate to contact us anyway!


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Lisätietoa antaa
Jertta Eerola
Recruitment Consultant, Finland
+358 40 822 8056 jertta.eerola@ictdirect.fi